Software-as-a-service (SaaS) companies can use different charging models, depending on the service offered. Some services may be offered at a fixed price, while others may be offered at variable prices.

Fixed Pricing

Box subscriptions enter this mode. The service offered in the box subscription model is fixed and it is not possible for the subscriber to use the service more than expected. The customer is at the beginning of the borrowing period.

It is not appropriate to use this model if the service usage increases and the costs increase. If you sell your service using this model, companies offering online collection services like iyzico, payu can meet your needs.

Subscription fee infrastructure is required for dynamic pricing models based on usage amount.

Fixed price services can be charged through companies offering online collection services such as iyzico, payu.

Dynamic Pricing Models

In dynamic pricing models, the customer is charged based on the amount of service the customer purchases at the beginning of the period and/or the amount of service they use at the end of the period. Because these models will become complicated due to the fiction, companies offering online collection services are inadequate. You need a product that supports subscription charging/billing features, or a service that can deliver the same features as cloud-based.

User-based (Seat based) A
service is charged based on how many people use the service. The Office 365 licensing model uses this model. EASY charges the service according to this model.

Kotal Subscription You
can use your subscription service when it is unclear how long it will use your service. Telecom operators sell voice, data, SMS services according to this model. If the customer does not use the quotation he/she purchased until the end of the period, no fee will be incurred. At the end of the term, the quota is renewed.

If the customer finishes the quota before the end of the period, he or she may be subject to quota charges or the service provider may automatically sell additional packages for use until the end of the period. The disadvantage of this model is that it has to pay for the quota that the customer does not use. This complaint to can be shown as an example.

Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go
can be used when your subscriber’s service is unclear. Cloud-based services such as AWS and Google Cloud use this model. In this model, fixed price per unit service is applied irrespective of how much service is used.

Compared to the Kotalı Subscription model, this model does not reflect debt for the service that the customer does not use. However, the same pricing is applied to the less consuming customer as well as the more consuming customer. For example, if you use a service with a value of 1 kurus per minute, if you use 10 minutes, if you use 1 TL, 10,000 minutes at the end of the term, you will pay 1000 TL at the end of the term. At the end of the borrowing period of the customer becomes clear.

Tiered Pricing Tiered Pricing
can be used when your subscriber’s service is unclear. As the service usage increases and the costs increase, it is preferable to use this model. In this pricing model, the more you use the service, the lower the unit price. Compared to the Pay-Per-View model, it is welcomed by customers who earn more for the company, so that it will offer more attractive prices to customers who consume high consumption.

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