A new feature has been added to SubScrEASY. You will now be able to send to your customer’s updates about their subscriptions as email notifications of changes. With this feature, your customers will be immediately notified of events that occur throughout the subscription lifecycle.

It is now possible to send personalized email notifications to customers if the following scenarios occur:

  • Your subscription has started.
  • Your subscription will be renewed tomorrow.
  • Your subscription has been renewed.
  • Inadequate balance during the renewal
  • Your subscription has been canceled.
  • Your subscription is terminated.

For example, your customer Ali Sunal will be subscribed to the “Monthly 100 minutes” package on January 1, 2018, and the package will be available on December 31, 2018. You can send a notification to your customer. The system will automatically calculate the variable values in the notification pattern.

For example, Fadil Akgündüz, a fizzy subscriber, has a “Weekly Download 25 Songs” subscription and cannot be charged for subscription renewal fees on the grounds that there is not enough balance on the credit card at the renewal date:

Your Fadil Akgündüz has
 not renewed your " Download 25 songs per week " package on February 15, 2018 because there is no balance on your credit card which ends with 
Your service has been temporarily suspended. On February 16, 2018 ,
the subscription fee will be refunded. 
In the case of payment of your credit card debt, 
From February 16th, you can continue to use your package.

The template used in these scenarios is an example, and the template contents can be updated as needed through the management panel.